Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Warrior is Still The Ultimate Maniac...He Just Looks Like Gary Busey Now.

One of the most common questions I get asked about pro wrestling is, “What ever happened to The Ultimate Warrior?”…followed by, “Is he dead?”

The good news is that The Ultimate Warrior is alive and…well? If you’re a wrestling fan, you know what we’re dealing with here. So if I’m hesitant on saying that he’s “well”, I’m sure you can understand that this guy was never well in the head. Afterall, the dude born as Jim Hellwig legally changed his name to Warrior. Nuff said!

So what has been occupying the time of the man from Parts Unknown? Over the last year, Warrior went on a public tirade attempting to expose former colleague and legend Hulk Hogan. In a series of videos, Warrior accused Hogan of being involved in some major drug abuse and questionable lifestyle choices such as wife swapping. That tends to bring new meaning to, “Watcha gonna brother when the Hulkamania runs wild on you!”

Since Hogan never responded to the allegations over the summer, Warrior has remained quiet…until now!

Apparently, The Ultimate Warrior is involved in a new webshow of sorts, entitled “I See Stars”. To be honest, I have no clue what this show is about. All I know is that it features the Warrior going banana flavored ape shit on a bunch of young boys trying to get them all jacked up about…boydbuilding??? And that’s an educated guess.

I swear – the first time I watched this video I thought it was Gary Busey! So, for all those little Warriors who grew up wondering what happened to their childhood hero, here’s proof that he’s not dead and that his brain is still lost in “parts unknown”. Get ready to piss your pants!

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