Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dropping Elbows with DieHard Derek

How do you feel about the Monday Night SUPER SHOW themes? What really makes a SUPER SHOW? I think WWE dropped the ball and they concept SUPER SUCKS!

Read and Discuss the WWE Monday Night RAW Super Show

You knew this was coming.... Time to talk about the return of Chris Jericho... I can imagine your what you think... Want a piece of my mind?

Read and Discuss Chris Jericho's WWE Return

A Message To The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley on The Art Of Selling

Read and Discuss The Message To Mick Foley

One segment on RAW was absolutely painful - not only because of how it was executed, but because there is SO MUCH potential for those who were involved....Plus - allow me to give WWE creative a lesson in EFFECTIVE BOOKING!

Read and Discuss the Four WWE Wrestlers Creative Is Not Booking Right

BOOOOOM!!!!.... You know what that was?.... The sound of WWE dropping the ball with John Cena, The Rock and Kane!

Read and Discuss the WWE's Big Red Flop

Has the WWE slayed The American Dragon? Why isn't Daniel Bryan working...even with the heavyweight title around his waist?

Read and Discuss Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion

Share your thoughts and opinions on the death of Brodus Clay.

Rerad and Discuss R.I.P. Brodus Clay

What does the wrestling industry have in common with the US economy...? It's on the brink of a depression...at least from an emotional stand point. Wanna know how President DieHard would stimulate the wrestling economy? Check this out!

Read and Discuss Wrestling Economics

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