Saturday, January 7, 2012

Speculation on Next Mayweather Fight

So here we go again when it comes to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Immediately after a Las Vegas judge said Maywether has until June 1st to turn himself in, a 90-day jail sentence for guilt on a domestic violence charge, well the talk intensified. Does this mean that the famous May 5th date will bring Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao together?

Don’t count on the fight, because we have been through this one too many times in the past few years. Furthermore, Bob Arum, promoter of Pacquiao is not talking and a spokesperson said, “Nothing has been set.” Meaning, Pacquiao is occupied now with legislative duties as a Congressman in the Philippines, and has not set his boxing agenda for 2012.

If Arum does not jump on the opportunity, surprisingly by the decision to keep Mayweather free to fight, then he will be viewed as the enemy as to why the fight will not happen. There is now enough time for Mayweather to prepare for an early May fight, likewise the same can be said for Pacquiao.

In the meantime, the names of Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto are all speculation for Mayweather. The Cotto talk started after his win over Antonio Margarito early last month. More speculation was Cotto not renewing his contract with Top Rank and going ahead to promote a Mayweather fight under his promotional banner.

Again, this is all speculation. Nobody can offer a direct comment, and perhaps the Mayweather stay will only intensify the discussion as the first major news of the year. Leonard Ellerbe, manager of Mayweather did say in a statement, “The Mayweather camp was pleased the judge granted a postponement to allow for a mega-fight.”

Though, again, reference to the mega-fight made no mention of Pacquiao, Cotto, or anyone else. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas still has the date booked for a major fight card, one that was announced by Mayweather late last year. There has been no further mention of the mega-fight opponent being against the “Little Fella.”
Mayweather appears to need income with lawsuits. But it appears the fighter known as “Money” has no problem spending as he was seen driving a new White Bentley Mulsanne reportedly worth about $290,000. His last two fights against Victor Ortiz, where he reclaimed the WBC welterweight title and with Shane Mosley earned him over $20 million. The fight with Pacquiao could earn the two fighters over $25 million apiece and would be the most lucrative fight in boxing history.
But that is all in the balance once again. Because, as fight fans have come to know, the talk of Mayweather-Pacquiao is just that. If and when the fight happens, all the talk comes to a conclusion. We wait for Arum now, and if he is acceptable to negotiation, then the ball once again is in the court of Mayweather.

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