Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tarver's Challenge To B-Hop Gets Attention

By Rich Mancuso

This is a slow time for the boxing season with no major fights on the agenda for a few more weeks. So, that leaves room for continued speculation and Antonio Tarver, the Showtime analyst, and former champion made some noise on Tuesday.

Tarv er, apparently with some free time before Showtime gets busy with the upcoming Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz fight, said he could be a possible, interesting, and next opponent for light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins. Either as a cruiserweight or light heavyweight, Tarver claimed Hopkins getting in the ring with him would be more enticing than another Hopkins-Chad Dawson bout.

However, the WBC has mandated that Hopkins, once again their champion, defend the title again with Dawson. Hopkins has more interest in meeting Jean Pascal a third time, and reports from the Dawson camp in New Haven Connecticut are indicating they are prepared to meet Hopkins a second time.

Tarver created s a stir, social media again as the outlet. At the end of the day Tarver would say “Thanks for listening people. It was an interesting day.” Hopkins did not respond and could not be reached for comment. And at one point the name of Roy Jones Jr. came into the equation. Tarver made reference that he would defeat Jones again, that Pascal would have to wait in line, and he would be the perfect opponent for B-Hop.

There are discussions for Tarver to possibly step in the ring with cruiser Steve Cunningham, and he made reference to once again changing a scope of the heavyweight division. Though a challenge was not made to the Klitschko brothers who hold two-thirds of the heavyweight titles.

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