Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keep It In The Ring Radio Returns - New Day, New Time, New Station

A new station, new day and time, and bigger, better and as they day, badder.
That is what Rich Mancuso says about the debut of Keep it in The Ring, this time
this time which debuts on Thursday April 12th from
5:30-7:30pm. The program can be viewed on U-Stream via your laptop or home
computer and most phone apps.

Rich, a veteran sports journalist of 28 years, who also worked in the pro wrestling
industry will once again be joined by his sidekick Jason Feliciano. And like the old
show, you will never know what to expect from the two of them on the set. There
will be a cast of characters, sports talk. Live phone guests and calls, plus the usual and unusual highlight clips.

Keep it in the Ring was tagged when Rich sat by the side of Jodi McDonald on
his overnight weekend program on Sports Radio 66 WFAN in New York City, a
segment on pro wrestling that began in 1988 and ran for four years. At the time,
pro wrestling again was at a peak and Mancuso ended the segment with “Keep it
in the Ring.” It has passed on to mean all sports, covering the issues and athletes
that are a part of what Mancuso calls, “The World of Fun and Games.”

Said Mancuso about the new program, “Things did not work out at the former
station which was not my doing but this is better and bigger. I look forward to
the opportunity once again tying to keep Jason in the Ring.” He also hopes to
have Die Hard Derek Gordon on a regular basis to contribute with a pro wrestling

Mancuso will be joined by a cast of characters behind the scenes. “I will get them
involved as the creativity like a pro wrestling audience is so important.”

Reach Rich and Jason on It in The Ring or on the group page
Keep It in The Ring. Also get on the blog with your thoughts and feedback. Enjoy
and Keep it in The Ring.

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