Tuesday, May 22, 2012

12 Questions with Brodie Lee

Pro Wrestling Illustrated recently conducted an interview with indy star (and potential future WWE star) Brodie Lee. Their set up was somewhat awkward. Here is the synopsis for their out of the box questions.

"You're at the airport. You see your favorite wrestler relaxing in one of the terminals. You rush up to him/her as questions fill your excited mind. There are certain things you just have to know about this person. Well, these are the 12 questions you'd never think to ask:"

1 - What man-scaping advice would you like to give our readers?

What the hell is man-scaping? is kicking people in the face considered man-scaping? I only shower on Tuesdays to get the stank of Bessy off me.

2 - You may have the most effective boot to the face in the business. How did you develop your kicking power?

Helping my friend Grizzly Redwood topple timber in the forest.

3 - What band have you seen in concert the most times?

Hank Williams III

4 - Be honest now: Was your move from traditional wrestling singlet to jeans and T-shirts brought about entirely by a desire to reduce your dry-cleaning costs?

Who uses dry-cleaning? Most wrestlers don't even wash their gear...just ask Cloudy. Also, beer and pizza stains look better on a wife beater.

5 - Brodie Lee is asked to prepare a dish for a swanky dinner party. What does he prepare?

A bag of premium wood-smoked beef jerky from the truck stop, a six-pack of Genny Cream Ale, and a jug of Jesco's finest moonshine.

6 - What famous finishing move do you wish you invented?

I already invented The Big Boot...what else do you want from me?

7 - Excluding Bruiser Brody, which is your favorite fellow Brodie: Brodie, the wiseacre from Mallrats, Sheriff Brody from Jaws, or reality TV personality Brody Jenner?

The Little Rig" - Brodie Richard Lee Jr., my son. Also, how dare you put Brody Jenner's name among other great Brodies? I want to boot him and his family's faces off, and now yours!

8 - You've been called "The Big Rig" and you've traveled all the highways and byways. What diner, drive-in, or dive have you discovered that stands above the rest?

Cheeseburger Cheeseburger in Rochester, New York.

9 - What would be the title of your autobiography?

Lincoln, Lot Lizards, & Liquor: All The Gravel In My Travel On The Road Back Home To Nebraska.

10 - What has been the single most surreal moment of your career so far?

Drinking beers with Kevin Nash till 7am, then booting him in the face hours later.

11 - When was the last time you felt intimidated?

When my wife dips into the moonshine and wants to make another baby...a.k.a. Tuesday nights.

12 - Complete the following sentence: One thing about Brodie lee that very few people know is...

Apparently, it's not well known that I hate to be asked stupid questions.

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